Forum Thread: How do you save money on natural products?

Though we'd all love to eat the healthiest organic foods and purchase all USDA approved skin care and beauty products, the truth is that we can't do any of these things as much as we'd like without making our wallet shed a tear.

I've found ways to save money on quality beauty products by purchasing online at wholesale retailers like (also a great source for supplements) and, when they're having a sale, And if you're willing to do a big of treasure hunting (i.e. if you're a seasoned Forever 21 shopper), then driving over to TJ Maxx or Marshall's can mean a whole haul of natural beauty fare.

How do you save money while buying natural/organic/vegan?

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Big farmer's markets. The big ones usually have a beauty products booth - at the very least, a soap market. I love the soap at the farmer's market because it tends to be gentler than mass produced soap, and comes in lovelier scents as well. I can usually also find some nice scrubs or masks - or, at the very least, the ingredients to make my own!

I agree, I usually find the best prices online. My favorite brands are Korres and Jason, but they are definitely more expensive in retail stores.

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