News: Homemade beauty recipes

Homemade beauty recipes

Homemade beauty recipes

This is a great website to browse if you're not into slathering unpronounceable ingredients onto your skin. The beauty industry is very much self-regulated, which means it is not required by the FDA or by any law to disclose all of the ingredients in a product. And there is also no legal definition of "natural" or "organic." So yes, that "natural" jar of cocoa butter you're using might be no better for you than your generic body lotion, and it may still contain cancer-causing agents.

In the end, the only entity you can trust to provide wholesome, 100% paraben-free products is yourself.

This website teaches you how to make zillions of homemade beauty remedies, from itching remedies (great if you have eczema like me) to a hand scrub made from coffee beans. And all the recipes are listed in an A-Z index for easy access.

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