Forum Thread: Do natural products work as well as conventional ones?

In your opinion, do "natural" skin care and cosmetics work better or worse than their conventional counterparts? I have found, for instance, that a lot of anti-aging skin creams, such as Boscia's Restorative Moisture Night Cream and Korres Oak and Quercetin Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 10, are rather devoid of wrinkle-fighting ingredients, other than maybe peptides, which help firm and plump the skin.

Of course I know it's because these skin care lines are focusing on natural healing, using natural ingredients like pumpkin seed extract and cucumber extract. But let's face it: Most natural extracts do little more than act as humectants, which help the skin absorb and maintain water.

How has your experience been with the natural stuff? Is it worth the steep price?

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